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Cartridge Seal
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John crane type Safebox SB2 replacement

Product detail

 9120 Series Heavy Duty Dual Seal is a specially designed dual cartridge seal for severe applications. Typical applications include those found in cooking, evaporation and causticizing plants, toxic, environmentally hazardous, abrasive and effluent liquids. This seal can be used in major process equipment including pumps, agitators and mixers.



v Double Balanced Seal Face: Withstanding pressure reversals and surges.

v Floating Seal Rings: Makes field replaceable, eliminate shrink-fitted distortion.

v Springs are Isolated from Process Fluid: Prevent springs clogging.

v Tangential Barrier Fluid Ports: Provide shear flow pumping for optimal cooling.

v Universal Slotted Gland: Fits most standard bore ANSI pumps without modification. Seals also in stock for enlarge bore seal chambers.


v Metal Parts: 304SS, 316SS.

v Rotating Face: Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide.

v Stationary Seat: Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide.

v O-Rings: EP, Fluoroelastomer.

v Springs: 316SS, Has.Cd.


Operating Limits:

v Pressure: Up to 25 bar

v Temperature: Up to 205oC (400oF)

v Speed: Up to 20 m/s



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