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Cartridge Seal
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Chesterton type 225 replacement

Product detail

 9170 Series is a stable, secure cartridge seal. It can work safely under fluctuating condition. Special in-series design can satisfy most demanding applications.



v Low emissions face design. Narrow contact geometry limits friction by up to 60%. In-series configuration for the most demanding applications.

v Bi-direction barrier fluid connections for shaft rotation in either direction.

v Axially offset port for venting in vertical applications.

v Self-Centering Clamp Ring squares and aligns faced for superior emissions control from start-up.

v API 610 Gland with Quench and Drain ports optional.


v Metal Parts: 304SS, 316SS

v Rotating Face: Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide.

v Stationary Seat: Carbon, Silico Carbide, Tungsten Carbide.

v O-Rings: EP, Fluoroelastomer, Aflasd.

v Springs: 316SS, Has.Cd.


Operating Limits:

v Pressure: Up to 40 bar (600 psig)

v Temperature: Up to 150oC (300oF) EP O-Ring

                               Up to 205oC (400oF) Fluoroelastomer

                               Up to 260oC (500oF) Perfluoroelastomer


v Speed: Up to 20 m/s (4000 RPM)

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