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Cartridge Seal
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Flowserve type 86 replacement

Product detail

 9180 series cartridge seals are durable and proven seal designs for most general purpose applications on an assortment of process pumps. They have been successful in chemical process; corn wet milling, pulp and paper, wastewater treatment and municipal water application, oil refining and other demanding applications. The pusher configurations provide versatility to satisfy a full range of exacting application conditions from hydrocarbons to slurries with reliable proven performance capable of meet the necessary environmental requirements.



n  Robust rotary face designs: Flexibly mounted to reduce damage from shock and faces distortion from clamping designs.

n  Spring Located outside the process fluid: Reduce chemical stress corrosion and spring clogging by dirty fluid.

n  Stabilized solid silicon carbide and tungsten carbide hard face: Handle abrasive slurry applications.

n  Hydraulically balanced seal design: Reduce friction, heat and wear by reducing face-loading forces while maintaining a lubrication film between the mating faces.

n  Gland designs: Fit large bore seal chambers or standard bore stuffing boxes.

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