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Cartridge Seal
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Flowserve type SL5200 replacement

Product detail

 9290 series slurry seal is a self contained cartridge seal designed for reliable operation in the majority of chemical and moderate slurry services. Engineered to primary be applied with no flush eliminates product dilution, increase plant efficiency, and reduce operating expenses associated with process equipment.



v Springs mounted in the stationary portion of the seal, so they are completely isolated from the pumped product as well as centrifugal forces during operation.

v Hydraulically balanced flexible seat improves seal performance and reliability by automatically compensating for any irregularities in shaft run out or other process changes.

v Maximum heat transfer away from the seal faces is facilitated by engineering the faces so they are exposed to the pumped product. Allows operation without a product diluting flush.

v Solid seal rings provide abrasion resistance and promote longer seal life.


v Metal Parts: 304SS, 316SS

v Rotating Face: Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide.

v Stationary Face: Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide.

v O-Rings: EP, Fluoroelastomer, Perfluoroelastomer.

v Springs: 316SS, Has.Cd.


Operating Limits:

v Pressure: Up to 12 bar (175 psig)

v Temperature: Up to 260oC (500oF) Perfluoroelastomer


v Speed: Up to 23 m/s (4500 fpm)

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