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Cartridge Seal
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AES type CDSA replacement

Product detail

 9310 Series dual cartridge seal is a modular construction seal. It is the ideal for a flexible engineered approach to each application. Process chemicals have diverse characteristics and one basic seal configuration fails to cover the broad range of possible applications. The need of exotic wetted alloys, various seal face combinations, alternate O-Ring compounds, differential secondary fluid pressures, temperature control and barrier fluid containment systems are some of the design parameters encountered.



v Self-align faces: Ensures that both the inboard and out board faces remain square, to the rotating shaft.

v Springs loaded internal rotary centrifuges solids away from the seal faces, resisting clogging from process fluids with high solids content.


v Metal parts: 304SS, 316SS

v Rotating Face: Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide.

v Stationary Seat: Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide.

v O-Rings: EP, Fluoroelastomer.

v Springs: 316SS, Has.Cd.


Operating Limits:

v Pressure: Up to 25 bar (362 psig)

v Temperature: Up to 260oC (500oF) Perfluoroelastomer


v Speed: Up to 16 m/s

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